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Please help me with my deadlift technique
Hello coach how can I improve my deadlift I feel like I can lift so much more my video is here
Weight distribution
Hi Coach B, I learned O Lifts the way that you advise - with the weight as far back on the heels as possible. But, the coach I'm working with now, says that it's better to keep the weight on the balls of the feet, with midfoot being the farthest b
Hook grip
Coach B, first I'd like to thank you for all the advice we CrossFitters get from your CF Journal materials. Loved the recent video of you and Annie T. -- I learn something new every time I hear you break down the Burgener warmup and the skill transf
Hyperflexible elbows
Hi Coach! I've got an athlete that has issues with overhead squats/snatch because of her hyper flexible elbows. Here's a pic: Have
Jump box for improve second pull on oly lift
At age 25 i started oly lift after 1.5 years on powerlifting. do u think jump box will help me to fix my explosive power? or at my age its to much volume and i will not get the benefit from that exercise
Mobility work
Hi Coach, Great site and love the workouts. Combine this site and crossfit mainsite workouts as my staple. Starting to find a feel for the movements, technique has improved drastically, poundage is starting to follow as well. My question is wh
Sn pulls amd sn deadlifts
Hi Coach, a question about sn pulls and deads. Is my goal to move as much weight as I can, or speed through the movement. My max snatch is 200 but I am getting sn pulls of 265+ up to about rib height and sn deads I hit 335 for 2. Look forward to a
Pulling Blocks or Mid-Thigh?
Coach B, Want to know if full olympic movements and pulls from the Mid-Thigh are better then full movements from pulling blocks? Are there starting strength differences? Is one method better then the other or should both be used? And do you use
Generic program work loads
Im looking over the generic program for O lifting . im in decent shape, but have only recently begun to do O lifts and due to where i live will have to teach myself as best as i can. i am wondering what the loads should be on the movements in the pro
I know this is a weird question, but I have a nice oly weight set at home and I also lift at school, and at school my max power clean is 285lbs but my max full clean at school is 295lbs. I think I should be able to do more than 10lbs on my clean than
Displaying 11 — 20 of 58