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Grip for RDL
Coach B: Want to know your thoughts on what grip to use for barbell RDL? Would the hook grip work for this exercises since its the strongest grip you can get, plus it seems like it keeps the bar close on the way up. Or would a regular overhand gri
Toeing out during the olympic lifts
Coach B: I have a question about toeing out during the clean and the snatch, etc. I was taught as a college track and field athlete to keep the toes straight ahead during the clean and the snatch because it supposedly is where we jump from; whi
Clean/snatch deadlits
Hey coach, me again. when doing clean/snatch dls, do you stop at the top of the dl, or the beginning of the 3rd pull?
Maintaining Hook Grip
Dear Coach, I crossfit and when doing a workout I can't seem to hold the hook grip. This becomes troublesome trying to do multiple hang cleans. This could be in part to not always re-establishing the hook grip every time but also from simply repping
Shoulder Position On The Olympic Lifts
I have a question on shoulder positioning during the olympic lifts. When the shoulders are over the bar during the 1st pull, are they kept neutral, I mean, no squeezing the shoulder blades togehter, does that pull the scapula back putting the shoulde
Warm up Question
Hi Coach, I am familiar with the Burgener warmup. However, I have some clarification questions. 1. How many times do you recommend repeating the entire circuit? 2. For the Burgener warmup would you recommend using a wooden dowel or a standard
Programming Question
Hi Coach, I have been doing CrossFit for about 2 years and I am trying to improve my technique and numbers for snatch (175lbs) and cln and jerk(220). Therefore I have decided to follow your program for olympic lifters. My Questions: 1. When yo
Power cleans, and snatches
I would like to know a good way to improve my power cleans and snatches? I have increased in both the snatch and cleans but when I just try power of each lift I have not been making many gains. Please help
Hook Grip
I have extremely small hands, I can't even curl around my thumb on a small bar, any suggestions?
Snatch or Clean deadlift VS regular deadlift
Hey coach. Been crossfiting for a while and attended one of your certs in july. Simple question I forgot to ask. What is the main diffrence between the regular stance deadlift and a snatch grip or clean deadlift.
Displaying 1 — 10 of 58