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Small plates
What is meant by "...using small plates" and why?
Coach, sorry, i think i confused my last question with the bulgarianquestion. Thanks for that info, but i wanted to also know if you thought that doing the WOD was enough for me (lifted 5 years in oly lifting, intermediate level i would say) to impro
WOD Good for OLY lifter
Coach, Thanks again for the great site. I have been oly lifting for 5.5 years or so. My numbers have levelled off at 135 kg for CJ and 92.5 kg for SN at 85 kg bodyweight. They ahve been at those numbers for a while and I have tried a number of diffe
What Is The Deadlift/RDL Combo?
When you say clean deadlifts/rdl combo, what exactly do you mean? I have an idea, but I'm not exactly sure. Thanks Coach.
Sets And Reps Format
Do you generally list reps first then set. For example 80% x 3, 85% x 3, 90% x 3 x 4? Just wanted to make sure I was clear on that. Today's squat is 3 sets of ten reps
Beach Exercises?
What are beach exercises and chins? Thanks
Snatch Lands?
Coach, In today's WOD you list a movement called snatch lands. How does it differ from snatch balances; would you please describe this? Thanks, Mike
Sn Pos And Sn Pp
I am new to your site and I was checkin out the workout of the day. What is sn pos and sn pp? Thanks
Percent Of Lift Or Bodyweight?
What do the %s mean? (Like: Back Squat 80%X2) Is that percent referring to our maximum lift or our body weight?
What Are...
Mike, I am a 35 year old olympic Weightlifter and I have been doing your WOD for about a month nowe and I love the variation. My question is on the workout for 11/28. WHat is a Barski Snatch and what do you mean by a Still Leg Deadlift. Is this a Sti
Displaying 31 — 40 of 43