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Where to begin
Hi Coach I would like to begin following your WOD. Can I just pick it up from here form tomorrow or should I go back a bit? I don't have much experience with the O-lifts. Thanks
Program Modification
I am trying to modify the WOD 5 day program to 4 days for those who cannot yet handle 5 days. I want to stay as close to the WOD because this appears to reflect your very latest thinking. I was thinking of combining Mon and Tues,, within reason, and
WOD enough?
Dear Coach I'm a varsity university cheerleader and I want start doing your program to improve my O lifting to generate power when I have to toss girls. Is doing your WOD enough for a workout plan or do you generally have your athletes do more? T
O-lifting focus with met cons
First off I must thank you for the terrific cert in Victoria last weekend. I got alot out of it and look forward to daily practice. I know I need work overhead and getting confident under a heavy load. Anyway, how do you add met cons to your athletes
Volume vs Old Joints
Coach, Is there any way to achieve the same training effect with more weight but less volume on the 10x3 days? These old joints seem to recover better following a heavy day rather than these 10x3 days. Thank you very much for the WOD. What
Combining crossfit and your wod
Would you say its too much to combine your wod schedule with a 3 on 1 off 2 on 1 off of crossfit? Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge!
Rest times
What is the typical rest times for workouts such as FS 80%x3,85%x1,80%x3 etc.
Coach! How have you been sir? Need to know what the abbreviations mean on your WOD. THinking about bringing my son out there for you to beat up on this summer. Hopefully I'll get the time off!
Is the WOD specifically for competitive olympic lifters? I would like to try this as a general strength program.
Combo Lifts
HI Coach. great site. short question. in your combo lifts like sn+ohs or cl+fs. When you write 60%x3+3, does that mean we do three sn in succession and then 3 ohs in a row, or do we do one sn and then immediately one ohs three times. Thanks.
Displaying 21 — 30 of 44