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Starting the program
Been lifting for a while and started doing olympic lifts. Love the aspect of crossfit and Olympic lifts. Looking at your program I was wondering if you could do the Olympic lifts workout and crossfit workout on same day? If not how do you know what
Oly + Wod
Hi I'm from Spain. Sorry my english. Should I do the Oly workout and the wod for crossfitters? Or is it enough the wod for crossfitters to train the Oly? I'm crossfiter. Thanks a lot
Where to begin
Coach I would like to begin following your daily WOD's. I have about 2 months of experience in olympic lifts, and have been following outlaw coach. Few of the soldiers that I work with introduced me to the olympic lifts and have coached me for a sho
Crossfit WOD
Hi Coach! I am a French crossfitter and i first want to thank you for your website and the good informations and advices that you give. My question is about the crossfit WOD. I saw the strengh part is the Jim Wendler's 5-3-1 but how do you program
Max for the day
Hi Coach!I am a spanish(Madrid) beginner in oly lifts.I've been crossfitting for a year and now I have built a little home gym consisting in a barbell,bumpers and a home-made rack.The scheme that I am following is,Monday-Wed-Fri Metcon and Tuesday-Th
2 position clean
Coach thank you so much for this site. I have been following the Wod for a month now and am very happy with the gains I've been making in my oly's. In the 2 position clean I sometimes miss at 80% from the mid-thigh. I am able to reset quickly and e
Following program
I am a crossfitter, male 5'4 148 lbs, snatch 165, clean 215, jerk 215, snatch balance 200lbs. If i wanted to follow your site how should i go about doing that to improve these lfts while following 3 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off format?
Harley model?
Coach B, What model harley do you ride? I am anxiously awaiting my return from Iraq to get back to my 04 Sportster, but mainly to get back to my lovely wife. Thanks for all the great training.
Overhead squat + wod
Coach, in adding ohs to the daily wods, what would you recommend??? I was thinking about on any snatch days, just shadowing the same workout with ohs after I perform the snatches, then again I was thinking that may have some volume effect later on...
Coach, when abs are part of the WOD is there a Mikes Gym ab workout? If so where can I find this? If not what would a good oly lifting abs workout be? Possibly pick something at random like X number Turkish Get-ups/Hanging leg raises/etc.? Also,
Displaying 11 — 20 of 44