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What do Crossfitters do?
What should crossfitters do on the days when no crossfit work is posted? Thank you
WOD for 2/11/14
Coach, Please explain this => "clean and jerk: work up to (50%x1+2, 55%x1+2, 60%x1+2)3"
How much rest
Hey Coach. How much rest should I be getting between sets/exercise
New cycle
Hey coach. when is the new OLY cycle starting?
Conditioning & Work Capacity
What is the difference between the two? I see it as "conditioning" to be cardio focused and work capacity to be met-con focused on completion of a certain amount of work in a set parameter? What is the benefit of having both in a training day? As mos
Snatch sets
Does Snatch - (60%x3, 65%x2, 70%x1) x 3 sets mean a set of each for a total of 3 sets or 3 sets of each for a total of 9 sets? Thanks Mike
Order of workout
You guys have conditioning, strength and work capacity sections in your crossfit you train in that order at one time in the day or do you do conditioning in the morning, strength and work capacity later or vice versa. Just curious if you
Paused squat front squat
Is the paused equation tomorrows WOD a paused back squat or front squat? Thanks
CrossFit WOD in an hour
Good Morning Coach. My name is Jonas Dahlin and I live in Sweden. I have been doing CrossFit for three and a half years, and have been following your CrossFit WOD for a couple of months now. I am running a small garage gym and since I feel your
Starting the program
Been lifting for a while and started doing olympic lifts. Love the aspect of crossfit and Olympic lifts. Looking at your program I was wondering if you could do the Olympic lifts workout and crossfit workout on same day? If not how do you know what
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