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Drop down sets
Hi Coach, I would appreciate if you can answer my question. My question is, how many drop down sets do you do after the daily max and at what intensity, do the number or intensity of drop down sets ever change during a program? Thankyou
Crossfit and Olympic lifts
Hi I am doing Crossfit her in Norway and I am on look out for help to program for improving my clean and jerk, and snatch. I have a clean and jerk at 100kg and snatch at 60 kg. Those numbers are stuck there and I need some tips. In addition to the Cr
Program 5x a week
Hi, I`m looking for a training program 5 times a week for oly lifts. I`m 24 years old and been training lifts about year, not competing, just doing them for fun. My personal bests: snatch 57kg, C&J 75kg, front squat 77kg, back squat 90kg. I`ve be
Immediate vs. long term development
Coach, what are your views on O-Lift incorporation into a team model of training when range of motion and flexibility issues are a concern? I understand, ideally, you would want to first take the time to develop the athletes ROM and flexibility en
Increase squat and pc
Hi coach, I'm looking to increase my overall lift strength. I'm a rower so i train a fair bit which hampers my recover efforts. I want to work on my power clean strength and my back squat most. currently, at 170 pounds, i can squat 275 for 3 sets
Sets/reps for working up to top daily % in Bulg program before working down
Hi Coach- In the Bulgarian program spreadsheet I see, for example, working from 88% downward. But what kind of warm up progression to you suggest to get to the 88%? 1 or 2 short sets (1-2 r) at 25%, 50% & 75%? I usually start my sessions with the "B
Putting together Crossfit Programming and Competitve Olympic Weightlifting
Hey coach.... Long time no see... Wondering if you have any tips or ideas about melding Crossfit WOD's and Olympic Programming together... I have been competitive Olympic Weightlifting for over three years but last August I made the switch to trainin
Coach, I posted a question about BFS last week and it has apparently been removed. Please e-mail me your thoughts regarding the BFS program. Our new football coach wants to implement it at our school. Thank you, Tim Fox
Hey coach I want start to your WOD, if its ok when should I start? P.S I can send you videos of me lifting so you can critique my technique and skill level
Unilateral leg training
Hey Coach, Quick question about unilateral leg training. Do you think unilateral leg training really helps with getting bilateral squat imbalances out, etc.? If any athlete just did heavy back, front squats, etc. and no single leg work ex. lunges,
Displaying 31 — 40 of 136