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Crossfit / oly lifts
Hey Coach - would it be advisable to do the following - Mon - clean and jerk, front squat, pull - then short metcon WED - snatch, OHS, press, short metcon, FRI - repeat Monday, Sat = longer metcon. next week start with snatch - gives plenty of rest.
Early in the cycle
Hi coach As someone who favors training very specifically, if you have a long cycle would you start maxing out straight away or would u use more reps, variety? If so how long into a cycle would u start daily maxes? Thanks very much coach
Coach, Was wondering how you would incorporate sprinting into a lifting program. I was thinking lifting 3-4 times with strength and olympic lifts and running twice per week. How would you structure a program like this based on a weekly schedule? A
Doing other exercises to help cleans
Hey coach b my question is, what other exercises could i do to increase my clean i'm stuck around 230 for about a month. thanks coach chris wilburn
Integrating Oly Lifts with other Fitness Regimes
Hi Coach, I found Oly Lifts after encountering Crossfit two years ago. This was a lucky happen-chance discovery after three decades in the 'regular gym routines', trying to build a pair of thighs. In the last decade, I lost my knees to running and n
Squatting frequency
Hi coach, how r u? My question is: I currently train 6 times a week (M,T,W,T,F,S) and am going to increase my squatting frequency to 5 days a week (no squats on friday). On which days would you do front squats and on which days would you do bac
Sets with high rep squata
Hi coach, I want to increase my muscular bodywwight while increasing strength so i was thinking of doing sets of 5's for a while, my questino is, do you think that doing 5 sets of 5 across 3 days a week would interfere with your snatch/clean and j
2 a days- crossfit/ strength/ oly
Coach, I have been doing the wendlers 5/3/1 and crossffit in twice daily workouts. For wendlers I only do the main lift, then a met con a few hours later. Since doing this I have neglected the oly lifts. Do you have any suggestions for a routine that
Which Days Are Most Important
Coach - If you are going to follow your WODs 2 or 3 times a week instead of 5, which days are most important? I would assume M/W/S for the top 3 but what about for top 2? MW? MS? WS? Or should you randomize it and just do 2 WODs on whatever day you
Chinnese Weightlifitng System
He Coach B: I have a question about the Chinnese Weightlifitng System and how you can use it for athletes and teams in the high school and/or college setting? What are the differences between the Bulgarian system and the Chinnese sytem? i know tha
Displaying 21 — 30 of 136