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Early in the cycle
Hi coach As someone who favors training very specifically, if you have a long cycle would you start maxing out straight away or would u use more reps, variety? If so how long into a cycle would u start daily maxes? Thanks very much coach
Coach, Was wondering how you would incorporate sprinting into a lifting program. I was thinking lifting 3-4 times with strength and olympic lifts and running twice per week. How would you structure a program like this based on a weekly schedule? A
Doing other exercises to help cleans
Hey coach b my question is, what other exercises could i do to increase my clean i'm stuck around 230 for about a month. thanks coach chris wilburn
Integrating Oly Lifts with other Fitness Regimes
Hi Coach, I found Oly Lifts after encountering Crossfit two years ago. This was a lucky happen-chance discovery after three decades in the 'regular gym routines', trying to build a pair of thighs. In the last decade, I lost my knees to running and n
Squatting frequency
Hi coach, how r u? My question is: I currently train 6 times a week (M,T,W,T,F,S) and am going to increase my squatting frequency to 5 days a week (no squats on friday). On which days would you do front squats and on which days would you do bac
Sets with high rep squata
Hi coach, I want to increase my muscular bodywwight while increasing strength so i was thinking of doing sets of 5's for a while, my questino is, do you think that doing 5 sets of 5 across 3 days a week would interfere with your snatch/clean and j
2 a days- crossfit/ strength/ oly
Coach, I have been doing the wendlers 5/3/1 and crossffit in twice daily workouts. For wendlers I only do the main lift, then a met con a few hours later. Since doing this I have neglected the oly lifts. Do you have any suggestions for a routine that
Which Days Are Most Important
Coach - If you are going to follow your WODs 2 or 3 times a week instead of 5, which days are most important? I would assume M/W/S for the top 3 but what about for top 2? MW? MS? WS? Or should you randomize it and just do 2 WODs on whatever day you
Chinnese Weightlifitng System
He Coach B: I have a question about the Chinnese Weightlifitng System and how you can use it for athletes and teams in the high school and/or college setting? What are the differences between the Bulgarian system and the Chinnese sytem? i know tha
Drop down sets
Hi Coach, I would appreciate if you can answer my question. My question is, how many drop down sets do you do after the daily max and at what intensity, do the number or intensity of drop down sets ever change during a program? Thankyou
Displaying 21 — 30 of 135