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Order of lifts
I'm a master div lifter (40-44) who trains snatch on one day, clean and jerk on another, then snatch and clean and jerk together heavy on Saturdays. This is about all the volume I can take. Anyway, after going heavy on the snatch on Saturday, I feel
Chest Movements
This is probably a stupid question but after going over some of the wods I don't see a lot of movements for chest(Bench Press, Pushups). I'm coming off of 5/3/1 and I'd like to keep some of the strength I've gotten from the program. I know this is a
Goal - Get Stronger
Mike, Now having 15months of CrossFit under my belt, I notice that my overall ability to move heavy weight is a limiting factor in my game. After regionals I want to focus on building strength in the Olympic lifts, press, squat and deadlift. I w
Program Execution
Hey coach.. Ive been using your 4 day/ 12 week program and i am loving it! I have two questions: A) Do I repeat the days in cycle? As in, complete day 1-4, then start at day 1 again? And B) Do i wait until the end to re-test maxes? Since im very new
Front Squats vs. (High bar) Back Squats
Dear Coach Burgener, I had a discussion with a friend about the use of the Front or Back Squat. My opinion is that the Back Squat is amore useful tool to gain (total body) strength while the Front Squat has it's role as an important assistance lift
Bulgarian Weightlifting Method
Morning Coach B, Would you recommend the Bulgarian weightlifting method for someone trying to get better at Oly lifting and general strength? I have been doing westside for a while and adding Oly lifting twice a week but I am in the gym for two -t
Squat Program 6 weeks out from competition
What kind of squat program could I use if I am 6 weeks out from competition (the CF Open). Because the Open is itself 6 weeks long, what kind of program design do you recommend? Most squat programs are 8-12 weeks. Thank you.
Putting together a program
Hey mike, I'm competing in the ECG competition this Saturday. I am also relatively new to Olympic lifting. I am trying to put together a program to help address weaknesses I know I have. I was wondering how to determine which percentages and and num
Daily OWL routine
Coach, I saw in your Q&A that someone was asking about you "daily OWL routine". Would you have a link to that or a description? Thanks!
WOD and upcoming comp
Hey coach, I'm having really good luck with you're WOD, my lifting is actually moving in the right direction after being stale for a while, my question is this, I have a comp on oct 6th, is there a comp cycle in the archives, or are there some modifi
Displaying 1 — 10 of 136