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Oly lifts during leg strength phase
Hi. My lifts are mainly limited by my leg strength. I am planning my training around squat cycles right now and was thinking of keeping my Oly lifts to ~75% just to maintain speed and technique but I am not sure what kind of volume to do. What sort o
Strength/ technique
Hey coach, im 20 years old around 160lbs...i started crossfitting a year and a half ago and want to be a great athlete. I have taken a special liking to the OLY lifting of course but to be competitive i need to get on my fifth week of t
Returning from surgery
Coach B, This past year I had a couple hip arthroscopic surgeries. I was a college baseball player, and my hips started giving me a hard time, so they went in and repaired the labrums of the right and left hip joints. It's been a long road, but righ
Good Morning
Hi Coach, I just started the programming for oly weightlifters and I've got a question. When you say Good morning 3x3, do you mean with straight legs or bent legs?
MTWTHF oly program
Coach, How would you suggest I modify your daily oly program to incorporate it into a MTWTHF schedule seeing as it is set up for MTWTHS? Thanks, Adam K
Oly program with crossfit, and powerlifting program
Hey coach, so i have been a crossfitter for the past three years or so, and for about the past 6-8 months have been messing with doing some strength wod (1-2 lifts ex. back squat, and press for 3x5, or 5x5), then a normal metcon wod, followed by some
Oly lift and crossfit wod
Very similar situation to the last question. I am falling in the love with Oly lifts and want to continue to improve. I also want to be well rounded on the metcon side of the house for my career (law enforcement). Just having trouble working the prog
Oly lifts + Metcon
Hi Coach B! I recently became interested in Oly lifts (been doing powerlifting for years). I had my bf teach me, didn't go well, he's not so great at teaching absolute beginners. Was offered a free month at CrossFit by a business associate and got
What books or dvds do you recommend for the best knowledge on olympic lifts? I watch the crossfit journal alot but it lieves me wanting more. Thanks coach B
Incorporating power lifts with squat cycles
I was checking out your squat program and the hatch squat program. I don't train for olympic lifting, just for overall strength. How would I incorporate the Big 3 + assistance work with those programs? I'm assuming I would need to deadlift infrequent
Displaying 11 — 20 of 136