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2008 Olympics
Coach B, I just read the statement from USAW about the 2008 Men's WL team getting "0" slots for the Olympics. Can you explain what is going on with this? Not really sure what is going on. Thanks, Josh
Bodyfat Percentage of the heavyweights
Coach, Why don't the heavyweights have low bodyfat le vels as the lighter weights. I understand that there are weight classes, but do the heavyweights not worry about diet since they have no weight limit or is meticulous nutrution only a concern f
Chins of all sorts or Pull-ups
Hey Coach B I'm not sure about chins and lat pull work. How often should I be doing chins and variations there of? Should I do some type of variation every training day? How many should I be doing? Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving seek HIM
Gyms in VA
Do you know of any olympic weightlifting friendly gyms in arlington, va? I know there is a crossfit gym there, but it is too pricey for me!
Other muscles
I was wondering if you guys do any exercises for the bicep. I currently don't and have heard that if you donít get your bicep stronger then you can't get your triceps stronger. I know that the bicep doesnít really assist in the Olympic lifts but Iím
Oly Lifts - Corporate Fitness Clubs
Coach B: Just a couple of questions: I've been using CrossFit for the last 9 months and am getting frustrated with the lack of space and equipment at my local gym to do the Oly lifts prescribed in the WOD's. I'm going to try and sub db cleans, th
Ivan Abadjiev
I heard Ivan Abadjiev is in California. Do you if he is giving any lectures or coaching courses. If so do you know where and when. Thank you for your time
Coach, Just checking in to make sure you got the disc that we put in the mail last week from the 1st Annual Bearcat Christmas Open? Have a great week! Josh
I wanted to know whether you should stretch at the beginning of an exercise and stretch at the end as well, or stretch at the beginning but after you have warmed up a little and then stretch at the end or not to stretch at all.
Crossfit Workouts
Coach, If I were training the Oly lifts 2-3 times per week (80%-90% intensity) how often would you suggest mixing in a "crossfit-type" workout? Didn't know how it might affect strength levels. Thank you for the help!!
Displaying 31 — 40 of 59