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Double knee bend
Coach do you specifically drill the the double knee bend? I have heard that USA weightlifting will start to include teaching the double knee bend spefically in there coaching courses. What drills do you like for this? Happy thanksgiving.
Burgener 8 week supplemental program for crossfitters
Hi Coach, Thank you for providing this 8 week program for crossfitters. I am on week 5, and happy with how I am progressing. My question relates to how to properly perform day 3 of week 5: 6 sets of 3-position clean + push press, 3 position clean +pu
Ms Sage
Hi Coach, This is Darci, but you might recall me as 'long tall Sally." I am doing Ms Sage today and I was wondering if she did it as a power snatch or a full squat snatch. Hope you are doing well.
Generic Program and Key words
Hi coach been reading your here in your site....anyway i was a frustrated wtlifter, due to personal difficulties in life.i only would like to ask about the generic workout program. How to execute 2 pos (snatch/clean) and 3 pos also.sorry if this i
Competition age
Hi Coach what is the maximum age that someone can compete in oly lifting competitions. Are there any types of meets for people over 30. I want to compete. any help I appreciate it.thanks
Link not working
On the olympic weightlifting links section of your website the link to "bulgarian training" does not work it takes you to a shot putting website or something. can you tell me the correct link please?thnx
Funky cargo pants
Coach, Where did you get those funky cargo pants that look like blue flames? They look like camo pattern, but if you really look at them them look like flames. Thanks, Joe
Joe Dube Training Article
Coach, That's an awesome training article you posted from Joe Dube`, however, I have a few questions on some specific points in the template. Is there an email or something that I can use to contact him Mr. Dube in regards to the questions that I h
The new Nike shoe
Where do I get a pair of those new Nike shoes? They are sweet! But are they quality? Your thoughts?
Shoulder Flexibility
Hey Coach B, Wondering if you could suggest some shoulder flexibility/strengthening for the overhead jerk position. I personally have had some luck w/ SN Grip SQ Presses by moving my grip closer and closer. Could this be done with the jerk grip in a
Displaying 21 — 30 of 59