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Hi, I have doing crossfit for 3 years now and I have a big issue that whenever I squat whether it be front or back, my knees cave in when I am driving out of the bottom. I am pretty tall 5'11(female). What can I do/ work on to fix this problem? Thank
Junkyard Dog Warmup
Hi Coach, I love the site and the weightlifting workouts! I was wondering though, what exactly is the "junkyard dog" warmup? I see it on almost all the WODs but I'm not sure what the sequence is. Thanks for your help! Take care!
Knee Wraps/ Braces
Hey Coach, What is your stance on Knee wraps/ braces when performing Olympic lifts? I notice that some athletes use them in training and not in competition. Others use them at all times, but the majority of lifters that I have seen do not use them
Is there a difference between weightlifting singlet and wrestling singlet?
Where do you purchase weightlifting singlets. Can't find one on any websites.
Snatch & Clean high pulls
Hey coach, I recently started doing snatch and clean high pulls and have really felt that they help me with the 3rd pull, especially on the snatch because previously i had problems pulling under the bar and always ended up doing power snatches instea
Mental Preparation
Hey Coach, I'm wondering if/what mental habits you try to instill in your lifters when it comes to lifting and lifting with confidence. I ask this because I am often a victim of over thinking right before a lift. And when I think to much, something c
Snatch Warmup
Hey coach, I know that this may be a subjective question depending on the lifter but do your lifters do to warmup to say about 80% of their best snatch? I ask this because sometimes I feel like I may be doing to much and wearing myself out before I s
"Doing it the right way."
Hi Coach, What is your stance on those who say, "Olympic lifts every day will fry the CNS", alternating plyos with strength 2 days a week and Olympics the other two or sometimes three days a week, an old Nebraska-type split routine during strength
Video Demos?
Aloha coach. I live on a small island in the pacific. We dont have any O lift coaches here...i was hoping you had links to videos of all of the various movements. Not just clean & jerk or snatch..but the names/videos demos of all of the various exerc
Collegiate Weightlifting
Hey coach, I am a senior in high school who has recently picked up the sport of weightlifting and wondering if I can complete in college. I have done some research but have found almost nothing about collegiate weightlifting. I was wondering if you
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