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Video Demos?
Aloha coach. I live on a small island in the pacific. We dont have any O lift coaches here...i was hoping you had links to videos of all of the various movements. Not just clean & jerk or snatch..but the names/videos demos of all of the various exerc
Collegiate Weightlifting
Hey coach, I am a senior in high school who has recently picked up the sport of weightlifting and wondering if I can complete in college. I have done some research but have found almost nothing about collegiate weightlifting. I was wondering if you
Jerk Grip OHS
Hey Coach, I mainly do squat and power jerks and I want to incorporate and focus overhead squats (jerk grip) in the WODs because I think that they will help me tremendously. My question is how many days a week should I do OHS (jerk grip) if I lift 5
Technique on Snatch & Clean & Jerk
Coach Burgener, I was wondering if I could send you some clips of me performing various Snatch and Clean & Jerk movements and any advice/coaching would be greatly appreciated at your convience. Where should I send them to? Thanks for your time.
Imbalance/stronger on one side
Hi coach b when performing any presses or oly lifts i have problems maintaining or locking out at the top on my left-side, i am naturally right-had dominant. my left feels like it will give out sooner, or before even getting there i lack the stren
Cln & Jerk Problem
I normally do sn max for the day and cln&jrk max for the day on saturdays but the problem is that most times I am spot on with my snatch in terms of technique and the amount of weight lifted but when I go to cln & jerk it seems like I can't get anyth
Elbow Joints
By birth and genetics both of my elbow joints only extend to about 150degrees, and not straight like an average person. Do you think that this affects my snatch technique because I do have problems in the snatch by receiving the bar foward periodicly
Bench press
I do strict olylifting at home but unfortunatley I am in weighttraining at highschool where they make us max out on benchpress, power clean, and squat for grades. I dont do cleans or squats at school because the bars arent good, i dnt want to bring o
Grip Strength
Grip strength for me usually isnt a problem, but I started the 12 week program on the site and it calls for 7reps of rdl at 90% for 5 sets. I can due about 3 sets without a problem but on the 4th and 5th my grip is weaker, calluses start to hurt, so
Very sore lower back
I started the MSU program found on, Im pretty sure youve heard of it if not heres the links and after the 4th week my lower back is killing me!!!, what should I do? -The 3rd and 4th
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