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Strongman turning weightlifter?
Coach I have a friend who is a strongman that wants to pick up weightlifting. He is really bulky in his arms ahoulders and traps. Will this cause any issues for him as far as getting into a good rack or overhead position? Should he drop some of the u
Different length arms
About a month and a half ago, I discovered that my right arm is about a half inch longer than my right, which explains an imbalance between my right and left sides. However, it also means that I've been putting much more strain on my right shoulder,
Hi, I have doing crossfit for 3 years now and I have a big issue that whenever I squat whether it be front or back, my knees cave in when I am driving out of the bottom. I am pretty tall 5'11(female). What can I do/ work on to fix this problem? Thank
Junkyard Dog Warmup
Hi Coach, I love the site and the weightlifting workouts! I was wondering though, what exactly is the "junkyard dog" warmup? I see it on almost all the WODs but I'm not sure what the sequence is. Thanks for your help! Take care!
Knee Wraps/ Braces
Hey Coach, What is your stance on Knee wraps/ braces when performing Olympic lifts? I notice that some athletes use them in training and not in competition. Others use them at all times, but the majority of lifters that I have seen do not use them
Is there a difference between weightlifting singlet and wrestling singlet?
Where do you purchase weightlifting singlets. Can't find one on any websites.
Snatch & Clean high pulls
Hey coach, I recently started doing snatch and clean high pulls and have really felt that they help me with the 3rd pull, especially on the snatch because previously i had problems pulling under the bar and always ended up doing power snatches instea
Mental Preparation
Hey Coach, I'm wondering if/what mental habits you try to instill in your lifters when it comes to lifting and lifting with confidence. I ask this because I am often a victim of over thinking right before a lift. And when I think to much, something c
Snatch Warmup
Hey coach, I know that this may be a subjective question depending on the lifter but do your lifters do to warmup to say about 80% of their best snatch? I ask this because sometimes I feel like I may be doing to much and wearing myself out before I s
"Doing it the right way."
Hi Coach, What is your stance on those who say, "Olympic lifts every day will fry the CNS", alternating plyos with strength 2 days a week and Olympics the other two or sometimes three days a week, an old Nebraska-type split routine during strength
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