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I have watched several of your videos over the last few months, and they are very helpful to a novice cross fitter like myself. I'm a 31 yr old female with a family full of athletes ranging from 8 - 19. They are probably more of the norm for these sites, but I love the lifts and was trained by a CF gym trainer over the summer quite a bit during free time. However, my MAX back squat is not what it could be because I get something going on in my right arm and it goes numb during this exercise. I have looked it up and it seems like it could be from looking up slightly when I am squatting, but even when I don't look up and keep eyes forward this happens. Any tips for a mom that lifts for fun and stress relief? Is there anything I can do to keep from pinching this nerve and causing this to begin with?
Thank you

Roxanne McClain | 2013-08-26

try moving to the front squat and keep eyes focused straight. let me know how that feels. no more than 3 reps per set. if that does not work....reduce the reps to 10 reps total....a set of 3, 2, 1, 1,1,1,1 and go as heavy as you can......let me know how that is. you can contact me at:
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