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Hey Mike, I was wondering if you could help me out a bit I am relatively new to strength training and just started high bar squating but have a hard time to keep a nice upright bottom position. I am fairly flexible but have very long femurs and a shorter torso. So my question was what are your thoughts on say highbar squating with a wider stance not sumo style 2" or so past shoulder width? Or would you recommend somthing else thanks Adam

Adam | 2012-09-01

if you want the squat to help your lifts you have to use the same stance that you use when receiving the snatch, the clean. i teach the 3 fundamentals of teaching/coaching as being the stance, grip, positions. the stance then has a pulling position and a receiving position. that receiving position is what i am talking about....i even go as far as saying for beginners i try to get them to think: pulling, pressing, jerking position are the same and the landing/receiving position is: the sn and clean are the same and the bs, fs, ohs are the same.....hope this helps.
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Thanks for the response I have yet to start Olympic lifting hopefully soon but watching videos on the snatch and clean and jerk I see what you are saying they kind of jump from there pulling position into there squating position never noticed it before. That helps me out thanks