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Hi Mike,

I am currently recovering from a lower back injury I suffered while squatting. I suspect I wasnt fully warmed up and loose enough when I tried to go heavy and my back just gave out. It has been almost 2 months since and it is still very tight in the mornings but when I stretch and get moving it feels fine. I can snatch, clean & jerk, and front squat fine with out pain and I have even PR'd in all 3 during that time. After 1 month of taking it easy I tried to back squat agian and once I hit 70% my back gave out. I stopped the workout immediatly and after 2 days rest I was good enough to lift light again, still stiff but I stretched and felt better. 1 month after the most recent give out I tried to back squat again and even tried to not go as deep (it seems to give out when I get just below parallel) but I felt like I leaned alittle to far forward and boom it gave out again. I have noticed that recently I am so much weaker in my back squat and my depth and form, which at one time was great is now terrible in my opinon. I feel like I cant get to paralell without my butt winking and feeling imbalanced. Should I just quit BS's for a while all together and either do FS or even trap bar dealifts, these feel a lot less painfull and I think its because I can keep my back much more upright. I feel like I cant keep my back upright anymore when I BS and if you watched me when I squat I am leaning to far forward. By the way I do lift in OL shoes already.

Jimmy | 2012-07-05

If you can snatch, clean and jerk, and front squat without pain and keep injuring yourself solely on back squats, then yes, stop back squatting. Keep lifting, keep improving and do a lot of accessory lower back strengthening exercises. Also you could try box squats. With box squats, you only squat to slightly below parallel and your chest is much more upright.
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