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Hi coach, i am a 85 kg ambitious crossfitter. I am very strong in the traditional lifts but my ohs is quiet poor as i cant seem to handle much more then 75 kg for a max lift. i think this is quite poor in comparison to all my other lifts with the exception of the snatch of course as i find having anything close to 80 kg a struggle to lock out with such a wide grip, in the case of the clean and or jerk, 110 kg plus is fine when locked out over head in a normal hand position. i find my elbows want to pop and i struggle to keep active shoulder throughout a ohs, is this what is stopping me going above bodyweight or will it just take practice? thanks coach

Brendan Walsh | 2011-08-31

what is active shoulders to you?? if you send me an e mail address i can send you to a archive website that shows kelly starrett talking about external rotation for the active shoulders....weightlifters use this when supporting heavy wt overhead.
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Brendan Walsh
Well active shoulders to me is activate my shoulder blades by lifting them up like in a shrug and externally rotating my arm so my armpit is fully showing? that would be brilliant, thanks coach. my email is