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Hi Coach- When doing overhead squats, do you advise bringing the bar off the squat stands behind the neck, then heaving or jerking the bar into the overhead position to begin the OHS, or do you advise bringing the bar off the stands in an overhead position and stepping into stance with the bar overhead before beginning the OHS? I have tried both and find +'s and -'s with each. Starting at shoulder height and heaving it up feels more stable and allows me to get heavier weight up, but then I'm already half-tired before the squat. COnversely, starting in the overhead position (with maybe a 1/8 squat depth to get it off the holders) lets me start fresh, but stepping back from the stands with weight overhead is awkward, and getting decent weight off the stands feels like it strains my wrists, etc. ANy advice or standard practice? Thanks.

Kris | 2010-12-17

make the work for the ohs as easy as you can make it. for me i would have a heavy duty pwr rack at the highest position so i would not have to put it over my head. my goal would be ohs. however if i wanted overhead strength in the sn pos. i would do sn pp and then i might add a ohs or two. remember why you are doing the exercise and select the easiest way to get the work completed for that weakness. also in a rack especially a tall rack...i can set the stands up high enough that all i have to do is stand under it then have someone remove the pins after i stand up with the wt......that way i don't have to move around with a heavy wt. but then again that is a good exercise too......walking around in a square, left and then rt. with a heavy wt. over head. supports and trains those muscles responsible for securing that wt. overhead. i have used this several times in my athletes training.
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