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Hi Coach, My question is regarding the "wink" at the bottom of my squat. I maintain lumbar extension until just below parallell. Any further than that, I start to lose extension and when I'm in a full, ass-to-ankles squat, I'm borderline neutral/tucked. My question are: Do I stop my squat BEFORE I reach this point? Am I OK at neutral Lumbar Spine? Or do I continue stretching hams until it doesn't happen? BTW, I wear Oly Shoes during my squats and lifts. Thanks!

*Someone else asked a similar question, but the answer was sent to him through his email. Sorry for the repeat question.

Geno | 2010-07-09

sorry.....i would be stretching the heck out of my hamstrings. if you send me an e mail i will send you some pix that will help i am sure. coach bob takano a hall of fame coach showed me these vids. re you question do i stop---yes....but stretch in the position by driving your hips forward and keeping your heels on the ground....this will drive your chest up and forward into a more vertical position. its a great stretch....but do not go down where you encouinter the wink!!
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