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Coach B,

I want to know if the single-leg squat off the side of a box w/DB-to Parellel is worth all of the effort for unilateral strength development for athletes?

I have found in my own athletes that taking the time to learn and "balance" in this position really starts to stall the workout regardless if they have mastered it. Moreover, it seems that this movement actives the glute medius more so than the entire chain of the lower body and the torso like other barbells exercises do, not being specific in the loading pattern.

With this, do you try and stay with vertical forces ex. bars during single leg training? I know that Kettle Bells and Dumbbells can be used overhead to increase core and p. chain stability, however, are bars more superior because of their vertical loading on the traps and the clavicle?

What single leg bar exercises would you suggest other than split squats, step up variations, and front lunges?

Sorry for the length; thanks.


Jason Dwight | 2009-12-08

jason, i do a ton of db work. i like the old bulgarian 1 legged sqt as you indicate above. there is not much more out there other than what you have or are already doing. take a look at louie simmons stuff that he just had dave castro and tony budding do re sleds etc.....i like all that stuff. however saying all that i try to keep it simple.....not too many exercises....walking lunges db walking lunges with bb. same with steps....use both tools.
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