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Hi coach. I've watched 100's of videos of olympic lifters squatting/training in an attempt to learn the proper technique to squat back and front, but it seems i just cant figure out how to know if im squatting correctly. When you descend do I bend knees first? Do I keep weight on heels or evenly throughout foot? When you drive up do you push through the heels more than front of foot? I would be grateful for any advice and tips on how one can consistently know if he is squatting correctly.

Justin | 2009-01-12

you ask a great question. if you asked 10 coaches of weightlifting you might find 10 different answers and the answers and technique used would all work for that particular coach. so with that understanding i have used the following tech with success in my lifters. first i teach them about proper stance when squatting. i want that stance to be the same in the fs, bs, cln, ohs, sn. that is where i start. i want to be strong and consistent in that position. i then teach them where the bar fits on the shoulders in the fs and bs and how to take the bar off the rack. the grip as well as to be the same as in the clean, especially in the fs. the bs it is not as important, but of course it is in the ohs. 3rd-i teach the athlete how to breath---diahramic breathing (belly pushes out while the chest does not go up) (look like your pregnant.) re-how to get to the proper depth is pretty much personal. i teach in the bs to sit back like sitting in a chair. i start flat-footed but as i descend i shift to the position of full foot but more weight on the i stand i drive thru the heals. in the fs i teach to sit back but with the chest very upright with the elbows parallel to the i stand i drive thru the heels while driving the elbows up as i stand. breathing is the same pushing the belly out and elbows up while lifting. i always teach drive thru the heels while keeping the chest elevated and air in the stomach until the lift is completed. i hope this helps, if not contact me. coach b
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