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Hey Coach Burgener,
Which bar positiong do you use with your lifters, the high bar or the low bar, or a mix?
If it is the high bar, have ever read Mark Rippetoe's article "Low Bar vs High Bar Squats" in the Crossfit Journal of May 2008?

Link to article:

Weston | 2008-09-20

coach ripp and i have spent many hours discussing the low bar sqt and its use in oly lifting. in the beginning of our discussions the idea was presented that the low bar sqt would enhance the pull off the ground for oly lifters. i had several of my h.s. lifters doing low bar sqts. the kids for the most part used the low bar sqt as another leg exercise. for my olympic lifters we do mostly front sqts, very rarely will we do high bar back sqts. my personal philosophy while i love coach ripp and consider him one of my truest friends is that if i want to enhance the pull off the ground i will do clean pulls or clean deadlifts. hope this helps, coach b
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