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I am 51 yrs old, 6', 180 lbs. and have been weightlifting for 8 years and doing martial arts for 2 yrs. I have been crossfitting for 4 months and I am having trouble with squat form. I have long legs and arms and can't seems to get the upright torso when in the full squat position. I seem to lean forward more than the videos I have been studying. I wonder if this is due to my build/body mechanics or is it a flexibility issue? Any suggestions?

David | 2008-04-09

yeah....classic body mechanics issue. it will take you 5 times longer than someone else. you have to get that achilles tendon's loose as well as the ankles, hips and knees and low back. one drill i like is to take a 10 lb weight and hold it to your chest at the 9 and 3 position. take a deep breath and hold you squat down stay back on your heels and press the weight away from your chest.....deeper, hold, deeper hold....the wt. will keep you from falling back.....stretch, stretch, stretch!!!!! do 5-10 reps and hold in the bottom for about 10 sec or so. good luck, coach b
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Thanks for the help. I tried the drill and was able to get way below parallel and my torso was very erect. It felt great. Should I do the drill 3-4 times per week? What type results should I expect?


Jared Lee
I can't wait to try this exercise. I have long legs and arms and very tight hamstrings my whole life. I am crossing over from rugby to Crossfit and Olympic Lifting