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Hey Coach,
I was wondering, on ur sqt. program, do you use it for bsq, fsq or both? and at the same time? for example day 1 do bsq w/ 68%, then day 2 do fsq w/ 68%...??? Thanks again! Peace

Wade | 2007-12-15

depends on the weakness of the lifter. if i have a lifter that needs alot of basic strength then i might go 2 times per week in the bs and 1 time per week in the fs. i have also done the hatch sqt program where i sqt 2 x 's per week but do bs and fs the same day emphasizing the bs on day 1 and then on day 2 do the fs then bs emphasizing the fs. in addition i have had my daughter doing up to 10-14 sqt workouts per week. for example mon she might: fs sn cj fs workout 2 fs sn fs depending on the time of the year we are training and what the emphasis is in the cycle. hope this helps.
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You bet. Thanks again!