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Hey Coach,

Just wondering if you have any good advice or programs to bring up a weak front squat. My front squat ability is really holding my clean back and I'm to the point where my OH squat is approaching my front squat max and I'm unsure how to proceed with my squat training in order to bring up this extremely weak area.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated .... Thanks

Justin VanBeek | 2007-12-11

what is the problem???? flexibility in the wrist and or low back? if you are ohs = to your fs you must be a hell of a snatcher. one of the things i have done with my kids in a very hard cycle is that i start off the workout with fs and end the workout with fs. for example: 1. fs: heavy single. no more than 5 sets. 2. snatch 3. cln and jerk 4. fs: heavy single. no more than 3 sets perferable 2. we have had good results with this style of training. we also have squatted up to 14 times per week. of course with heavy singles only not lots of volume. if i want more volume i will do more sets. hope this helps.
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Justin VB
Yeah, my snatch is definitely the best of teh two, but I think I will try your suggestion. Thanks, coach.