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mike, i have never heard of advocare products until you mentioned them, and checked out there web site. what products would you recommend for a master (48 yrs old) lifter? thank you!

greg santamala | 2005-11-16

if you go to my website and follow the link you can get a 20% discount on the products if you sign up under me.....if you don't want to do that, that is fine....just for your info. advocare flat out works and they are hidden agenda with them....of course they want to make $$ but still i find them to be the best. as a almost 60 yr old lifter/trainer i use omega plus, spark, rehydrate, prostate support, the meal replacement bars, night time recovery, the joint....cannot remember the last part of the name...i guess i should take their memory supp as well.....go figure.....just a brain fart....... their fiber drink is unreal.....i am in doha qatar now and am using that product when we do not get the food we are use to....periodically i use their protein drink...that is about kids use it, my athletes use it as well.
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