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Hi Coach, Is there any supplents I should be taking if i'm lifting 4-5 times a week and squating every time I lift? I noticed that my joints hold up well provided i'm using whey protein, a daily multi vitimin and taking glucosamine, however if I quit taking supplements the (i.e. glucosamine) then within a week the joints start to hurt again. Any help would be awsome. Thanks! Danny P.S . Thanks for your advice on the shin splints, I got toe clips for my bike now i can strenghen the front parts of my shins when ever I ride my bike.

Danny Nayar | 2005-11-14

hi danny, i think you naswered your own question. i would continue doing what i am doing that makes you feel better. i am an advocare advocate in that i endorse their products. i like them for my own kids, my athletes because they are safe and they work. we take their protein, their glucosimine supplement, joint???? cannot remember the last part of the supplement. we also take their fish oil caps, rehydration drink and the spark. periodically we take the meal replacement bars when the kids are hungry. i believe in supplementation for athletes as well as for old men like myself. coach b
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do you recommend creatine?
Mike Burgener
depends on who it is for???? what age? i use it with most of my lifters, but i do not push it. if they want to take it, i advise. if not no big deal!!!