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What are your recommendations for a lifter for gaining weight? I want to gain about 15 kgs. Thanks.

Jeff Miller | 2006-05-03

i have answered this question 3 times now....hopefully you have not received my 3 answers.  we are changing some things re my site and now we are working out the bugs. 

gaining weight---yes...i have lots of suggestions that have worked very well with my athletes and my own children.  first off i have them pack 4-5 pb and or bananna sandwiches with their other food that is eaten.  they have to take these "longhorn steroids" as we call them on the hour.  1 after each class.  they eat their normal food intake as well....the problem with kids is that they do  not eat enough...period....with casey b i use to make him a 1100 cal protein drink  at night....we would put it in a thermos and i would wake him at 0200 to drink it....then at breakfast i would fix him steak and this day he will not eat steak and eggs!!!  but he did gain weight!!!


hope this helps,

coach b


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Greg Everett
eat a lot. lots of protein. post workout shake with grape juice and egg/whey protein. also try megadoses of BCAA (.15 or so g/lb/day - 1/3 pre-training, 1/3 during training, 1/3 post training in shake).