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Coach, I have seen on your site and other places, the benefits of water. My question is, can you drink too much water? If so, how much do you recommend? Thanks

Stan Luttrell | 2006-04-24

only from persoanl experience and personal observations.....i do not think we can drink too much water.....having said that i am not a doc...and i really only go by what i feel....if the urine in the body is clear, one is re-hydrated....if it needs to drink more water. 90% of the people in the usa are under my humble opinion!! coach b
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Too much water can flush essential Nutrients (such as minerals and vitamins) from the blood, and from the kidneys where they should have been re-absorbed. This is very rare and will take ALOT of water, i cant remember the exact amount, but i doubt anyone here would have the desire to drink that much (it would become sickning and boring)