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How important is it to use accurate percentages? The smallest weight increment at the gym I go to is 2.5#, allowing for 5# increments on my lifts. For example, this means on the Burgener Squat program I will be using the same weight, and doing the same exact workout, for the first 2-3 weeks. Will this change the results or effectiveness?

Dan | 2013-02-16

Always round up! and go ahead and increase 5# each week (for those first 2-3 weeks that you would be at the same weight). Do as many sets as you can with the prescribed weight and the increase in 5# each week, and if you end up failing, then back it down 5# and get your remaining set in. We always want to push it, especially in squats, so don't be afraid to be a Junk Yard Dog and go for it!
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