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Hey Coach B
I submitted a question a while back and you graciously answered. Wondering what you mean by heavy, medium and light workouts? Are you referring to volume or intensity zones or both? I find that in reading various books that different coaches list different % for each zone...hope my question makes sense.

thanks and take care

Jay | 2006-10-10

i like a 12 to 13 wk cycle: 70% 80% 75% 80% now using these figures day one would be 70% at the highest, 60% at the lowest, 65% at the medium all for 5 reps or so......each wk increast the percentates. now bill starr would have you go for a heavy set of 3's....lets say its 100 kg in the snatch for 3....the light day would be 3's for 90 kg....then 95 for 3 as the medium. i have used both combinations.....%% as well as kg. coach b
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