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What can i do to get rid of or prevent soreness that lingers for several days after a workout? usually it interferes with my lifting for the rest of the week.

Nick | 2007-08-24

go to the store and buy 2 bags of ice!!! big bags!!! fill the tub full of cold water. throw both bags in!! wait 10 min.....get in for 5 min, get out.....dry off....walk around for 10 min or so...even take a hot shower....get back in for 5 shower...repeat 3 times. works wonders!!! let me know how it goes.
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can i do that any time during the day or does it need to be right after a workout? i work out in the middle of the day and dont actually go home for several hours.
its best to do it right after a workout, but if yoiu cannot do that then do it when you get home.