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I am having a problem getting more than one heavy workout in per week.
For example, if I snatch heavy on Monday I am not able to snatch or clean and jerk the rest of the week with any significant weight. My best lifts are 120/155, so if work up to a 110 or 115 snatch on Mon. I am never able to snatch over 100 or clean and jerk over 110 or so.
The problem is in my shoulders, they get somewhat painful (scale of 1-10: about a 5 or 6) but they also feel very weak.

I am only 27 years old, and I practice self massage on the shoulders, cold pools, and foam rolling.
Is there any exercise I can do to gradually build up my shoulder strength so I can eventually perform 2-3 heavy olympic workouts in a week?

Aaron Brown | 2007-03-09

i would do only singles and personally i would use a saturday or friday for a snatch cln and jerk day....make that day your heavier day. make monday a light day... work up to 70% or so and only do singles up to how you feel but lets say no more than 80% or so...but do several singles...i.e. 10 or so. then on wed or the 2nd up to 80-85% for singles but only do 5 or so..then work down to a lesser % if you want more reps....then of course on saturday. the shoulder are hurt???? why are they painful?? rotator cuff tears??? strains??? how about time off from overhead and only do pulls and sqts and core work??? hpe this helps. do not hesitate to call me if i can help: 760-535-1835 is my cell.
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Aaron Brown
I am not really sure what the problem is with the shoulders, it might be strains, or possibly scar tissue. I don't think it is a rotator cuff or anything that serious because if I take 5 or 6 days off from overhead lifting I can always come right back and lift near p.r. weights.

My training the last year and a half has consisted of 6 week spurts where I am able to lift overhead, after that I have needed to take a month long rest (I focus on squats and pulls during the overhead hiatus).

Looking back on my overhead training, I think I tried to go too heavy too often. Keeping the first two overhead workouts in the 70-80% range will probably make a difference, for the better.

My strength has always far exceded my skill on the o lifts and I think that is why I always went heavy. Even after a heavy day of snatching and c/j my legs and low back always felt fresh and ready for more, so I thought 'just keep lifting heavier.' But I guess my shoulders had other plans.