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I read several article where the heart rate was used as a training tool for Olympic weightlifters. Do you have any knowledge on what type of parameters are used and how?

greg santamala | 2006-03-31

not with olympic weightlifters. i have never used heart rate as a gage for anything remotely affliated with the oly lifts. i would be interested in seeing what you find.
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Bill Barkelew
Back in the late 60's or early 70's Strength & Health had a story that if I remember right said the Russians took pulse and blood pressure readings upon rising to determine how hard a lifter should train on a certain training day. I will try to look this info up but now I am preparing to go to National Masters.
Josh Everett
It's a way to check recovery. If your resting heart rate upon waking is higher than normal than you are not fully rcovered and should take it easy that day or days until resting heart rate is at your normal rate.
Jim Hooper
A point made at a recent USAW Senior Coaching course was that an increased resting heart rate (measured first thing in the a.m.), together with decreasing bodyweight, for several consecutive days, is a pretty reliable indicator of overtraining and/or impending injury.
greg everett
another good check for recovery is testing the athlete's vertical jump - if it's down, he or she is not recovered fully.