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I attended a CrossFit Oly cert last April headed by Ursula Garza and I remembered her telling us during the class that we should not load more than 70 to 75% of our 1RM on our high hang snatch or clean. I would like to confirm this. Or I would like to be corrected if I did not remember the percentage right. This question has come up several times. I did not have the chance to write the rationale down for the percentage above. But I remember something about if we load too heavy we could be throwing the hips out too much and getting the bar too far out and will cause shoulder problems. Is this right?

Mylene Crouthamel | 2013-12-09

the high hang is a difficult movement especially with heavy weight.  the goal of the high hang is to produce VERTICAL HIPS AND A CORRECT FINISH!!!  i might even find 70-75% being too heavy for our goals and i will reduce from there.  i use to teach everything from mid thigh....but as a high school coach kids saw this as banging the bar against hips....throwing the bar outside the least line of resistance for these young beginners......sooooo.....i went to high hang and only do a quick dip and drive with vertical his and proper finish pulling oneself down and around the bar. 

hope this helps.

coach b
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