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I having trouble getting past my plateau. I have been lifting for a couple years and am looking to be more competitive but lately my snatch technique has picked up some bad habits. I've heard and have been taught the "catapult" as Pendlay teaches but I usually practice the jump-shrug. But now I notice I have picked up a habit of doing both (hitting my upper thigh). I feel like I'm stuck and need to relearn the technique. How do I learn to "brush" the bar as opposed to hitting the bar off my hips? Can I send a video for you to critique? What program would you recommend for progression in Oly lifts? Thank you.

Rose | 2013-10-22

sure you can send video. send to my e mail address: if one stays back and has proper bar path off ground....the bar and hips will NATURALLY hit the hip area....where it brushes depends on grip not think about will happen as you squeeze your lats bringing the bar back naturally as the hips extend. then go with VERTICAL HIPS....think of shrugging your hips so to speak.....shrugging the shoulders is a stretch reflex and will bring you under the bar.....if you try to shrug your shoulders to get the bar will be too slow. THINK.....FINISH!!! this finish opens the hips...then one must close them (going under bar) as fast as possible. if you send me vid or your email i can send you the pix to give you a visual image to be thinking about.
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