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Dear Coach Burgener,
currently I am training at a weightlifting club in Berlin (TSC). They first fixed my snatch (the first pull): in order to get my knees out of the way for the bar, I always shoved my knees back, what caused a raise of my butt. Now I have to press my legs more through the ground so that my butt is not raising that quickly.
I then watched some videos and compared slow motions of different athletes. I noticed that Pyrros Dimas for example is also more pressing through the ground while the first pull (torso a little bit more upright as the bar passes the knee). Kendrick Farris in contrast is (in my opinion) more shoving the knees back (torso a little bit more parallel as the bar passes the knee).

Are there any general differences in teaching the olympic lifts (Europe vs USA) or are theses differences caused in a different anatomy?

Thanks Coach and best wishes from Berlin


Alexander | 2013-08-13

I ALWAYS teach that the bar and butt raise at the same speed. the back angle at the very instant of lift off does not change....we call it push (feet into ground) and sweep (sweep bar back) as it raises and the shins straighten. we want the TEMPO to be the in the beginning we teach: SLOW IS SMOOTH, SMOOTH IS FAST....until it becomes 2nd nature...then we can speed it up.
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