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Coach, I am relatively new to the snatch lift and am having somewhat of a hard time on quit a few aspects of the lift. I recorded myself on coach's eye and the main I can pick out quickly seems to be not extending my hips. I warm up everyday but seem to lose that extension when I add weight. Is it possible to send you the coach's eye recording or just any advice would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

Chris | 2013-04-17

Always feel free to send any videos for review. As far as advice, be patient and do not try to sneak under the bar. Full hip extension is critical in the oly lifts, but with that said, do not over think it. Remember all you are doing is jumping yourself under the bar. If I told you to jump up and dunk a basketball, I guarantee that you would fully extend your hips! So simply, jump, shrug and pull yourself under the bar. From there remember we jump hard, not high! My recommendation would be to do some snatches from the high hang and once you get that down, then move to the take off position and finally the floor.
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