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I have been doing crossfit for almost 2 years now, and have never really been taught (or pursued learning) the proper snatch technique until recently. I have just within the past few weeks been focusing on getting my hips forward, making contact with my hips to the bar, and keeping my shoulders back.

The real issue I am having is once I have caught the weight and I am at the bottom of my squat, I cannot seem to stand up and finish the lift. I consistently lose the weight forward. My PR at this point is only 140lbs, so I don't think the amount of weight is the problem. D o you have any thoughts?


Seth Ashley | 2013-04-02

Hey Seth- It is hard to say what you are doing wrong without seeing a video of your lifts, but I can only assume it is due to your pull off the floor being off or you are have a weak turnover. I'd recommend doing some snatch balances, overhead squats and some work from the hang. Feel free to send a video for more feedback.
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