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Coach, I am startign your basic olympic lifting program and had a question about the 3 pos snatch execution. The workout calls for 3 POS SN: 5 x 3. Does this mean 5 x 3 of 3 pos snatch (i.e. 3 from high, 3 from mid, 3 from floor), or 5 x 3 pos snatch (i.e. 1 from high, mid, fl)?
Also could you clarify if you start from the floor or the high hang on the 3 pos sn?

Andy | 2013-02-26

Andy- Regarding the 3 position snatch, your second option is correct. It is 1 rep from each position for a total of 3 reps for the set. To answer your second question, the first rep is from the high hang, second rep from the takeoff position (right above the knees), and third snatch is from the floor. With that said, when you lift the weight off the deck for the high hang and take off snatch, make sure you use proper form. Make each rep count!
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