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Hi Coach,
So, after several months since starting Crossfit, I've decided finally to go back and work on my relatively atrocious snatch form.

I've watched it a couple times, and have noticed that I'm a bit too forward on my feet in the catch, and also jump backwards for some reason, as well as moving the bar too far out from my body (knees and hips mainly). Any ideas on fixing all of that? I'm sure there's more that needs to be addressed as well.

Thanks so much for watching, and looking forward to getting some feedback!


Jon Branden | 2013-01-09

Jon- I've copied and pasted the link to youtube and it is saying that the video does not exist. Send another link and I'll take a look at it. I'll take a shot in the dark with what you have noticed on your form. You are saying that you are jumping back, which is not a problem, but you MUST bring the bar with you. So, if you are jumping back, not keeping the bar close, and have a weak third pull, of course you are going to be forward on your catch. Lets not worry about the jumping back right now, but instead of positioning and bar pathway. Pull the bar back off the ground, keep it close during the second pull (elbows high and outside), and turn it over in an aggressive manner. Lets see where that takes you. 3 position snatches, 2 position snatches, and snatch pulls are all exercises that can help you with this as well.
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