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Hi Coach,

I just made a snatch PB with 102.5kg. All your advice and your videos have been helping tremendously. I wonder whether you you take a quick look at the lift to see how it could be improved. thanks coach B!

heres a miss with 105kg,

Joshua Peacock | 2012-09-08

All in all, your technique looks great, but a few things did stick out while watching your videos. 1). I'd like to see you have a more solid starting position (I.E.: Arch your lower back, set your upper back by squeezing your shoulder blades together and thinking big chest). 2). Be patient. We want to stay over the bar as long as possible, so keep your chest over the bar and try to hit a bit higher on the thighs. 3). With the miss, you have to control the bar, the bar doesn't control you. The bar flew up, but you didn't turn it over like your life depended on it, and it caused you to miss it. When that bar gets above your head, you MUST tighten up and push up on the bar. The last thing I'd suggest is to mess around with a dynamic start position. This is more of an advanced move, but can really help down the road.
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Joshua Peacock
Thanks for the advice coach, greatly appreciated.