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Do you brace the abs during the snatch? (abs tight). Or by taking that deep breath before we get into position it sets the abs automatically. Does bracing interfer with the relaxation of the muscles during the lift. What about squatting, same principle...I know this belongs in another forum, but I want to know if abs tight during squats causes the muscles to tense...the same as the olympic lifts.



Jason | 2012-08-07

Jason- I tell all my lifters to take a deep breath in before snatching, cleaning, squating, or any other lift because yes, it does brace/set the abs for the upcoming lift. Especially in the squat, when we take that deep breath in, we focus on pushing the belly out because it creates a solid core and support system. When I lift, I always think STANCE, GRIP, POSITION, and position referring to big breath, tight core, and upper/lower back set, as well as a few other things depending on the movement you are about to perform. All in all, not only do you want to tighen your abs before a lift, but your whole body. As you get more experienced with the olympic lifts, it is something that will happen instantaneously before you lift the bar, and is a mere after thought. But until that point is reached, focus on strong/tight abs, back and a solid position before a lift is performed.
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