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Hey Coach, I have been having an issue with my shoulders being tight in the bottom of the squat snatch. My max is at 185 but it is a split. I can Snatch balance 245. Is this just a mental problem with getting under the bar?

Steven | 2012-06-13

It's tough to say without seeing you lift, but I'm assuming it is a little bit of both, mental and physical. If you have the flexibility to snatch balance 245, then you should be able to get into that snatch position. With that said, your snatch balance should be more than your 1 RM snatch, so that shows you have the strength to be snatching much more than 185. Moving on, the fact that you are asking if you have a mental problem, probably means you are a bit hesitant to jump yourself under the bar. If that is the issue, it is something that you are going to have to work out yourself with increased reps = increased confidence. All in all, I recommend you keep working that bottom position, do mobility drills for your shoulder flexibility and use the split snatch as a last resort.
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