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I have been oly lifting for a few months now. Enjoy watching your videos on lifting at the journal site.

When snatching,(also cleaning), at lower weights form feels and looks good. Getting fast under the bar etc.. But when going for 90%1rm or more feet start to get wide, like really wide. I understand that this it's a big nono and could be lifting more when fixed. What is a still to dothat would help this?
I realize you're warmup addresses this. should I go liggett weight for a while and just drill it into my muscle memory? I'm at a loss now.
Thanks again coach for putting so much into this and the journals site.

Zach Owings | 2012-03-12

go lighter!! mark the feet with chalk in that landing position...and hit it....go up in small segments...i.e. 1 kg and if you hit the chalk....continue going up....try doing 1 rep rather than 4-5 when tech can always go to those when you get the feet squared away. 90% of all missed lifts in lifting are due to the feet. that is from steve gough one of the best coaches in the usa.
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