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When i perform the snatch, me feet leave the ground 1-2dm into the air before i meet the bar and go down into the ohs.

I was just wondering what to do about it and what to think about so it wont happen anymore. Or do you think it wont be a problem?

thanks for any answe

SL | 2012-02-23

what is 1-2dm? however when i had a athlete that "donkey kicked" i had her doing sn lands. that is with the bar overhead...the athlete dropped into a 2 in power position, then a 4" power position then a 6" power position.....finally all the way down....calling this sn drops. these 2 exercises are part of the burgener warm up.
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1-2dm is 10-20 centimeters, sry i only know metric :)

I belive what i am doing is "donkey kicks" as you call it. Anyway it dont look good and doesent feel efficient. I Will try your suggestion and hope it will sort thinks out.