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Hey Coach - Just wondering what your thoughts are hitting a true "bottom" in the catch of the snatch. I see a number of world-class lifters who really do seem to catch as deep as possible, and others (Alexadr Ivanov comes to mind) who seem to have a more shallow squat when they receive the bar on the snatch. Any thoughts on the differences? Merely different proportions on different athletes, or an actual intentional difference in technique? Would love to hear back - thanks for all the help.

J Lyons | 2011-11-22

any great athlete will meet the bar and go down. they will receive the bar where it is. if its in the true bottom, so be it. if its at 3/4 of the way down they will normally meet it there and without pausing ride it down. this is a art....had to be learned. i have found when a athlete goes straight to the hole==true bottom, the bar will crash on them. the timing is of essence and one needs to learn to meet the bar where it is. make sense?? coach b
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