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Dear Burgener!

I love to watch your tutorials and practice your warmup every day. But I have a question about the snatch.

I grip the bar outside the outer markings and aim for a full tripple extension. This puts the bar in direct contact of my private parts. This prevents me from going "all in". What am I doing wrong? How wide should my grip be? Where should the bar hit the body?

Martin | 2011-10-22

the width of the grip is individual. the wider the grip the higher on the hip the bar BRUSHES...NOT BANGS! play around with the grip but remember not to BOUNCE/BANG THE BAR...but to brush it against that area.
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Thank you Mike!

Brushing is definately better. I saw one of your older movies and noted that you are supposed to jump, not bang the thighs, and that also helped.

Going for PR!